Saturday, October 2, 2010

(: *inserts song name*

heyya. (:

i decidedd, that it'd be pretty cool to start blogging again. After like what, 3 years? hahaa. and i'm gonna try reaaaaaaaaal hard not to do the whole, "woke up and had a mcchicken today. YUM" thing :P

I went for the adopt-a-child project that UN, through Adele is organizing. I reallyy found it meaningful, after like last week's failed attempt. Somehow things got lost in translation, and like. I don't know, all the orphans went for a function outside. Soooooooooooh. We ended up at the handicap center just 3 doors away, and they forced my guitar out and into my hands, and the next thing i knew was. Yea we were all singing. hahaha. But seeing some of them really made me realize how fortunate i am, and stuff so that was cool.

But seeing the orphans today, it's kinda making me think real hard about everything, and i'm seriously considering making it a weekly fixture for me to drop by and um. help them. :P

"dude, wait what do i do with the baki in the bentuk lazim agaain? :S"


it was really awesome.

Work, Auditions, Studies (well, sorta :P), and just stoning reaaaaaallllyy takes up a day. (:

Oh yeaah.

- Can doing too much of something you love, make you lose that love you had for it? Butthennthatisn'tlovethenright? :S -